Frequently Asked Questions

Have You Considered an Umbrella?

An umbrella is excess coverage over your underlying insurance coverages.  Contact us to explain the coverage and how it works.  You will be surprised the cost is one of cheapest policies you will have and you will be thankful you have it when you need it.

"Ride Sharing"

If you are thinking of using your personal auto for ride sharing (ie: Uber or Lyft) make sure you contact us.  Remember your personal auto policy is meant for your personal use and not for transporting passengers for a fee. Since this is a fairly new venture for our area each insurance company is handling it a little different so we need to contact your carrier to make sure you have or can get coverage. Most importantly make sure you understand exactly what coverage the ride sharing company is giving you never mind NOT GIVING YOU.



Insurance is meant to protect and cover you and your property.  It is up to you as the insured to make sure that you have told the company or agent everything that pertains to the policy.  If you have not exposed all of the information you may not have the correct coverage or policy therefore may not have coverage when you think you should. Here are a few things to think about !
1. Do I ever rent out my house or any buildings on my property.
2. Have I turned the deed over to my children and I have life time residency.
3. Have I made any substantial changes to my property.
4. Have I installed a wood stove or any auxiliary heating service.
5. Have I installed a pool or trampoline.
6. Do I use my auto for business.
7. Are there any young drivers I have not told the company about.
8. Am I using the auto for ride sharing.
Remember it is always best to call us and make sure that you are covered for what you have or what you are doing.


If you have a travel trailer and it is parked permanetly at a campground call us to make sure you have all the coverages you need.


More and more people are renting out rooms in their homes, their homes or other structures on their property on HNCs (home-sharing network companies) for example Airbnb ane Homeaway.   If you are doing this or considering to do this please contact your agent ASAP to make sure you have the proper cover.



 If you have purchased solar panels and put them on the roof or the ground you need to let your insurance agent know to make sure you are properly covered.

What does my Umbrella or Excess Coverage cover?

If you have an umbrella or excess coverage make sure you contact your agent on a regular basis to review coverage and understand what is covered and what is not.  It is important to review what exposures you have to make sure that all underlying coverage is correct.

Does Your Insurance Cover You When you Rent that Motor Home?

Make sure to contact your insurance agent, some auto policies do and some do not. Make sure before you hit the road on your vacation.

Do You Have the Right Coverage for Your Summer Toys?

Remember you don't have to have liability insurance for your boat, but for a few dollars a day you can have piece of mind when enjoying the summer with family and friends.

Your camper is only covered under your auto policy for liability when it is attached to the auto. Remember you have to purchase physical damage coverage.

Easy rule of thumb is your homeowners does not cover anything that can have it's own insurance. So remember the boat, atv, jetski, motorcycle and snowmobile is not covered in the garage under your homeowners when there is a fire.

Give us a call to make sure you do not have a gap in your coverage.


If you have a New York state auto policy there is no need to purchase coverage through the rental company.

If you do not have a New York state auto policy you may want to purchase coverage through the rental agency or check if your credit card provides coverage.

Remember that your rental coverage is only for the United States and you are not covered in Canada or outside the US. Coverage is only afforded for 30 days on day 31 you have NO COVERAGE.

To make sure you understand completely always contact your insurance agent.