Insurance is meant to protect and cover you and your property.  It is up to you as the insured to make sure that you have told the company or agent everything that pertains to the policy.  If you have not exposed all of the information you may not have the correct coverage or policy therefore may not have coverage when you think you should. Here are a few things to think about !
1. Do I ever rent out my house or any buildings on my property.
2. Have I turned the deed over to my children and I have life time residency.
3. Have I made any substantial changes to my property.
4. Have I installed a wood stove or any auxiliary heating service.
5. Have I installed a pool or trampoline.
6. Do I use my auto for business.
7. Are there any young drivers I have not told the company about.
8. Am I using the auto for ride sharing.
Remember it is always best to call us and make sure that you are covered for what you have or what you are doing.