Frequently Asked Questions

Are you covered if your dog bites someone?

Make sure to check with your agent if you are covered if your dog bites someone. Each homeowners company has their own unacceptable dog list and you need to make sure your dog's breed is not on it. This includes mixed breeds.

Is my Snowmobile and ATV Covered?

Remember that coverage is not afforded under your homeowners policy. You should get a separate policy for liability and physical damage (optional).

Also when riding on state trails it is mandatory you have proof of liability coverage for the vehicle you are riding.

Am I Covered for the Correct Value on my Home?

Call your current Insurance Agent and do an updated Replacement Value Costimator.

Is my boat covered under my homeowners?

A typical homeowners affords limited coverage for boats. Contact your current insurance agent to see if your particular boat is covered.

What does No Fault mean?

In New York your medical bills as well as your passengers' are paid under your Personal Injury Protection Coverage whether the accident is your fault or not.

When is an accident chargeable?

When Personal Injury or over $2000 in damages are incurred.

Do I have to tell my homeowners company I have a woodstove?

It is advised as some carriers have a surcharge and clause for woodstoves in the home.

Does the Defensive Driving Course save 10% off my whole premium?

Defensive Driving Course saves off your Bodily Injury, Property Damage, PIP, and Collision.