Helpful Tips


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  • Always make sure your summer recreational vehicles are insured.
  • Always wear your life jackets while boating.
  • Watch for motorcycles.


. Wash and Wax your auto policy:

Winter Tips

  • Make sure your chimmney is cleaned.
  • Use care when burning candles.
  • Keep sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice.
  • Keep portable heaters at leat 36" from anything that can burn and run them only when you are home.
  • Keep boats, extra clothes,water,ice scraper and blankets in your car in case of breakdown.
  • Make sure your washer fluid is full, gas tank is never lower than 1/4 and make sure wiper blades are in good working order.

"Carbon Monoxide Safety"


Remember anything that burns fuel, such as a fireplace, furnance ,generator, automobile or gas appliance produces Carbon Monoxide.


Follow these tips:

Keep your vents clear

Keep generators 20ft from house

Schedule regular maintenance on your furance

Keep fireplaces clear and well vented


Remember it is that time of year again. Motorcycles are on the road so make sure you look twice to see if they are coming your way.

Boating Safety

When you go out for a nice day on your boat make sure that everyone is equipped with a life jacket and is aware where they are located.

  • No drinking and boating.
  • Familarize yourself with your water route to know the ins and outs of the waterway.
  • Be aware of other boaters.


  1. Plan a Route
  2. Stay with Your Vehicle
  3. Make sure Your Vehicle is in Good Running Condition and Fueled
  4. Use the Heater Sparingly
  5. Have a Winter Survival Kit with water, food, blankets and lightning
  6. Communicate with 911 and use cell phone as little as possible to save battery
  7. Mark the vehicle with a bright cloth on antenna for identification
  8. Keep yourself hydrated
  9. Try to keep you body warm by moving

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Remember to always clean out your dryer trap after every load and to regularly clean the full dryer vent to the outside.


You as a homeowner and insured can help avoid or minimize a claim in your home. All you have to do is check your washing machine hoses annually to make sure they are fasten tightly and replace them if they are worn. Water damage claims from washing machines and ice machine makers are two of the most common occurrences that cause water claims.

Another easy precaution is make sure everyone in the household know where the water turn-off value is in case there is a water breakage.  By being able to turn the water off quickly will avoid more damage.