Helpful Tips


You as a homeowner and insured can help avoid or minimize a claim in your home. All you have to do is check your washing machine hoses annually to make sure they are fasten tightly and replace them if they are worn. Water damage claims from washing machines and ice machine makers are two of the most common occurrences that cause water claims.

Another easy precaution is make sure everyone in the household know where the water turn-off value is in case there is a water breakage.  By being able to turn the water off quickly will avoid more damage.

Texting and Driving

Remember that texting and driving is illegal as well dangerous. Texting and talking on your phone is distracting you from driving so take a few minutes to pull over to do it. You may save your life or someone else.


After the last few years of extreme weather in Upstate and Downstate New York residents need to start getting prepared in case of a flood. The following are some steps that can help us all be prepared.

1. Always have a supply of bottled water, canned food and high energy foods on hand.

2. Always keep your prescription medicine, first aid kit, hand wipes, and toiletries in a cabinet that is on the first or second floor that is easily accessible.


Our weather has been changing and remember that you need to make sure that your gutters are kept clean of debris to avoid backup and run over.

Also remember to keep you tree branches trimmed to avoid damage to your property during a storm.

Summer Recreational

Remember to insure your summer recreational vehicle, ie: boats, jet skis, travel trailers, atvs and motorcycles.

Summer Safety

Remember your watercraft safety and be on the look out for motorcycles.

Clean Pathways

Remember to keep your sidewalks and driveways clean and clear of snow and ice to avoid any slip and fall incidents.

Fireplace- Woodstove Safety

Remember to clean your chimneys for both your fireplaces and woodstoves before starting off the winter season to avoid chimney fires

Clean Your Gutters!

Clean out your gutters to avoid back up during summer storms.

Cleaning your Dryers

Make sure you clean your dryer vents regularly to avoid vent fires.